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Related article: Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 18:43:03 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time) From: David Grimstone Subject: After Dark 4After Dark 4 by DCG############### DISCLAIMER ###############The usual disclaimer applies as per usual. I don't Lolita Pedo Fuck mean to imply anything about NSync or anything they do or think. But *my* character Chris, who is based around a real person is, yes you've guessed it, completely and utterly gay and THAT I DO want to imply!!Also, I am mentioning music that people have had the inspiration to write and compose and perform and I want to impart that the piece used here is the artists alone...Also, kids bugger off cause your too young, and the same goes for those who don't like this stuff...All that being said...Authors Notes: Chapter 3 out of the way, chapter 4 coming your way!! But the questions just keep on coming... What DID Britney freak over? Are Joey and Chris truly ok? Where the hell is Chris B? lol Well, I hope you enjoy how it unfolds...Suggested Reads: I'm re-reading 'My Surprise Romance' and it kicks ass big stylee!! lol Go give it a read if you haven't already, and even if you have, go read it again and then let Gab know how good it is!!Important Note: Nobodies reading this I'm sure, but ha-ho... I have come to realization that music is a pivotal part of my writing. It influences me immensely and guides my storylines without effort. I listen to a fast paced piece of rock music and the pace of the story increases, and the sentences shorten, and the action becomes slicker. I listen to a piece of background music, or classical music, or soundtrack music for that matter, and it goes the opposite way...and everything slows down and I put more thought into the scene in general, and the thoughts of the characters take a more prominent role...With this in mind, I have decided to attach a piece of music to each chapter, as sort of a theme for it. It will be the piece of music that influenced me the most in my writing, and was more than likely the piece of music I was listening when i wrote it...Some pieces may surprise you, or they may not!! Oh, and if someone else has already done this in their work and feels I have stolen their idea without asking, then please let me know and I'll stop...Enough of me and on with the show...*****************************************************************************Last Time in After Dark...As she turned around on her way back inside, and as she lifted her head level, and as she scuffed her feet through the trailing snow...her right foot hit something more solid and defined than soft frozen water...She stopped, and looked down..."OH MY GOD!!!"And now, the continuation...*****************************************************************************After Dark by DCGChapter 4 - Independent Minds, Identical Thoughts...Music: Strange Relationship by Darren Hayes (c)"Will you just shut up?" Asked Justin, irritation flooding his voice. "It's not helping!""Oh well, excuse me for not nearly having a heart attack out there..." said Britney, sarcasm over-riding the comment. "Anyway, you're supposed to be my boyfriend, you're supposed to be over here calming me down instead of shouting at me!" Shouted Britney as he temper started to fray.Justin didn't respond, he just looked away, and out through the window..."Oh, that's how it's gonna be is it?" Shouted Britney. "I find a dead body and you go ape shit on me?"Justin looked around and met eyes with Britney. He didn't have a response, or a funny comment, or at-least something to take the sting out of her comments. Being here, in the middle of nowhere was getting claustrophobic and tight. The thought of a dead body being in the chalet, close by made his skin crawl, but it made more of an impact on his thoughts... 'I need to pull myself together.' he thought, and he began to open his mouth, when..."No, don't you dare even try and get out of this one..." screamed Britney. Her fuse had just about expired and Justin's constant avoidance of her had taken her past her threshold. "We've been here for one week, which's seven days you've been avoiding me..."At the front door, JC had heard every word uttered between Justin and Britney. He usually split them up, and tried hard to keep the peace, but right now that was the last thing on his mind. He walked back out into the open and down the icy cold steps. He stopped for a second and bent down to retrieve his shattered CD player, or at-least what was left of it. "Typical" he muttered underneath his breath. He looked up at the car in the distance. It still stood, alive with energy as the occasional spark danced across it charred form. He stepped onto the snow covered road and turned into the woods... He needed some time to think to himself. Unlike everyone Lolita Pedo Fuck else, JC had come to this 'retreat' for a different reason other than to have some fun. It was Britney and Chris' idea in the first place, but when he thought about it, he saw the perfect opportunity to get away from it all, and be himself...The appearance of a dead body, probably the driver of the car, had shocked everyone out of their shells, none more than JC. The last week had been the culmination of a lot of thinking on his part. For the past six months, throughout media scrutiny about Justin's and Britney's Lolita Pedo Fuck relationship, and towards the impending space mission with Lance, JC had begun to question more and more things about himself and his life."That doesn't give you an excuse to light one up man!" Said Joey as he waltzed out through a side door in a pair of slippers. He hesitated for a second as he did, but soon overcame it and approached JC's side. JC just giggled slightly."You know I wasn't going to Joe. I haven't even got any with me if I wanted to light one up. And anyways, I promised Justin I wouldn't." Responded JC. "I haven't come out here to smoke." He said almost underneath his breath. Joey caught every word, but he didn't let it play on what he would say next."Anyway, I have some if you want one!" Laughed Joey, and as he wanted, JC laughed too. But as soon as the laughter caught the air, it ceased."How do you think the body got there?" Asked Joey, curious as everyone was, to find some sort of clarity in the situation."Your guess is as good as mine Joe...He probably crashed his car or something." Surmised JC"Probably..." Agreed Joey "But whatever happened, it's fucking freaking me out man!" He shivered as he pulled a packet of cigarettes out of his pocket. He then lifted them to JC's attention. "He'll never know!" He offered. JC just looked up at Joey and smirked. "He'll know, don't you worry about that!" Said JC and they both laughed out loud for a second or two...The door to the bathroom opened and closed quickly as Lance let himself out to be faced by a white looking Chris."I don't know how you did that Scoop...I'd have pucked my guts up if I had to do it!" Said Chris as he pulled a face of mock sickness."How do you know I didn't?" Asked Lance as his face began to regain some colour. Chris just said `Oh' silently. They both turned and began to walk towards the top of the staircase."What do we do now?" Asked Chris."I'm not the fountain of knowledge Chris!" Said Lance. "Shit, I'm sorry Chris, it's just I haven't exactly experienced anything like this before. I'm kinda unprepared for anything like this..." Apologised Lance."Well, what do you *think* we should do?""Try and get help...We can't leave him in there for long...I don't want to even guess what'll happen when the ice melts..." Said Lance looking half-heartedly over his shoulder."Ewwwwwwwww Lance, I did not want that mental picture!!" Said Chris which sent them both into a small fit of laughter as then descended the staircase to........."I sleep with you every night Brit!" Argued Justin as Chris and Lance reached halfway down the stairs. "We've been together for 4 years, what makes you think I'm not committed?""Committed? Ha! I've keep hinting at us getting married, but do you catch it? Not likely! You know I want us to get married, and have kids and stuff, but nooooo, you don't seem to want that!" Responded Britney as sarcastically as she could."Do you know what Brit, you couldn't be more of a bitch if you tried!" Said Justin, which earned him a swift slap across the face. "It would be good if we ever got to the stage of having kids..." Said Justin, spitefully.Britney just started to laugh. "I seem to remember that it was *you* who said he didn't want to have sex yet! Not me, but you! I don't think you've even offered it to me in four years, and here I am offering it up on a plate every night!" Snarled Britney. "You don't even kiss that good!" Finished Britney. That was enough for Justin...The constant jabs at his character. The constant questioning of his commitment, that was too near the bone, and all in-front of people he didn't want to involve in this...He was down at the bottom of the icy path in a heartbeat and looked both ways before deciding to go right, up the snowy incline and towards abject remoteness. The tears that his will had managed to keep away during the argument didn't stay away for long. They started before he had even reached the bottom of the path and they streaked his cheeks as he sniffled his way along a non existent path into the woods...Lance and Chris reached the door only to see him disappear into the woods... They looked at each other, before mentally deciding who would pursue, but before they had a chance to decide JC reached their side having seen Justin flee, he was slightly out of breath."Where did he go?" Asked JC, regaining his breath. "It looked as though he was crying!" He Panicked slightly over his best friend."He was." Said Lance. "They had an argument." He continued, but JC probably didn't hear those words as he darted off down the path, following Justin exact route, on his pursuit.Back inside, in the warmth, Britney sat on the couch as both Lance and Chris turned to re-enter, messages of peace written across their faces."Just don't say anything, ok?" Said Britney as she looked forward towards the open fireplace, as Chris and Lance stood behind. They were on the verge of trying to say something constructive and non-confrontational, but what Britney said sort of caught it in their throats and they stopped instantly. But as they re-thought their position, Joey strode into the room. His eyes filled with anger. The front door slammed close, sending a shudder up everyone's spine. Joey looked to Chris and Lance, who shook their heads `No', but Joey seemed to ignore it."And why aren't you out there looking for him seen as your the reason he went in the first place?" Shouted Joey, his voice filled with authority, and a little bit of venom."Get your head out of your ass Joe, he'll be back in a minute. And anyway, it's none of your business..." Snarled Britney. Joey just stood there for a second longer. A response came to mind immediately, but it wasn't something that people would take kindly to hearing, so he stopped, and thought again."It's everyone's business when you bring it in here. We haven't come here to listen to you rip his head off every five minutes. Just cut him some slack!" Said Joey, his voice measured, but brimming with anger. Chris and Lance looked across from Joey to Britney. They had never argued before, and Joey's outburst had surprised them, a lot. Britney must have felt the same thing, because not another word came from her mouth. She just stood up and walked through into the kitchen, slamming the door behind her."Joey...I" Started Lance"Just leave me alone for a minute will you guys..." Snarled Joey as he walked past them and up the stairs, to be alone. Lance and Chris didn't say another thing as they looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, as they were left alone in the lounge to contemplate the days events so far.Outside, in the woods, JC followed the footprints of his best friend as he darted past trees, under branches, hopping over rocks, but he couldn't seem to catch him. Every turn revealed another path of footprints. He looked up to the sky for a second and saw the clouds that threatened their day. He prayed it wouldn't snow again, or he wouldn't be able to follow and find Justin.In the kitchen, Britney had Lolita Pedo Fuck calmed down a bit. She sat down on the edge of a stool at the breakfast bar and looked towards the window. She did that for bit before leaning over and switching on the portable radio that laid again the wooden upright in the centre of the room. It crackled Lolita Pedo Fuck for a while before she leant over again to switch it off, but before she had the chance to turn the nob, a sound came from the speakers. She stopped."Another weather warning for everyone today. It looks like we'll all need to lock those doors tight and wrap up warm as a severe weather front heads our ways...And it could be in for the night!"Up the stairs, in his room, Joey had laid down on his bed, and looked up at the ceiling blankly. He hadn't meant to be so outspoken towards Britney, but it was becoming increasingly harder to hold back where she was concerned. `One of these days!' thought Joey. But as soon as that thought ran through his head, something else did as-well. A sharp blinding pain hit him in the back of the head, and he immediately clasped his hands tightly around the base of his skull as he reared up off the mattress. The pain was worse than any pain he had experienced in his life. He sat up on the edge of the bed and let go of his head. He placed his hands on the duvet underneath and clasped his hands shut. He gritted his teeth, and closed his eyes...*****************************************************************************There ya go people...Chapter 4 is out of the way, with chapter 5 following close behind. I hope you all gained some sort of enjoyment from the chap...Sex will follow soon enough, and in many different guises!! lol And plez plez write me and let me know what you think so far and what you want to happen in the near future...all feedback in much appreciated...(
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